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Lory Feeding

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk into a centre of a rainbow? Our Lory Feeding experience comes close. As you step into the world’s largest Lory Flight aviary, you’ll be immersed in the spectacular, high-flying world of our Lories and Lorikeets.

Arm yourself with a cup of nectar and within a second or two, you’ll be the popular attraction to some of the friendliest birds you have ever met. Yes, in all colours of the rainbow! Chat with our gregarious birds as they perch on your hands and shoulders while helping themselves to the delicious nectar you are holding. Admire their bold and colourful feathers as they rest along the railings of the bridges. When they take flight in unison, watch overhead for a wonderful cacophony of colours in flight. 

Have the lories literally eating out of your hands as you scale our two-tiered central feeding tower. Take a walk on our suspension bridges and get a bird’s eye view of the entire enclosure. Watch out for birds nesting in the trees and see if you can spot our spectacular peacocks ambling about like royalty on the grounds below.

The Lory Feeding experience at Jurong Bird Park is a signature event, not to be missed.