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Show Times

Jurong Bird Park’s bird shows are a must-see for both young and old. Our shows are a time to marvel at the incredible beauty and abilities of our birds and appreciate the special bond between them and their trainers.

All our shows play twice daily so you can get a chance to catch all of them. Check out our show schedule below:

Show Time Tips

With an entertaining line up of shows throughout the day, here are some tips on how you can get the most out of our Jurong Bird Park shows.

  1. Arrive at least 15 minutes earlier to secure your preferred seat.
  2. Do park your strollers and wagons at the designated Stroller Parking areas before proceeding into the show area.
  3. For your safety and for the safety of the other guests, do not stand up or raise your arms during the show unless you are asked to do so, as it may interfere with the birds’ flight path.
  4. As birds fly and flap their wings really quickly, you might want to adjust your camera settings to a faster shutter speed to avoid blurred photographs.
  5. Prepare your kids to put up their hands quickly when the show presenter asks for young volunteers. We’re sure they'll be very excited about this.
Time Shows Venue
10.00am Kings of the Skies Show Hawk Arena
11.00am High Flyers Show Pools Amphitheatre
1.00pm Lunch with Parrots Songbird Terrace
3.00pm High Flyers Show Pools Amphitheatre
4.00pm Kings of the Skies Show Hawk Arena

All shows are weather permitting.

To have a close encounter with our birds at their most active, check out our feeding programme schedule.

Handicapped Area: There are designated wheelchair zones at the Hawk Arena and Pools Amphitheatre, which can accommodate up to 5 wheelchairs, respectively.