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Lunch with Parrots

Dining, a great show and the company of our birds. That’s what we’ll serve up at our unique Jurong Bird Park dining experiences. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, organising a corporate function or just hunting for a new dining experience, you can be assured of a tantalising menu along with fantastic “in-flight”entertainment.

Venue Time Buffet Lunch Prices
Songbird Terrace Lunch from 12.30pm to 2.00pm
$25.00 (Adult) and
$20.00 (Child)

Show time is 1.00pm to 1.30pm. Last seating is at 1.30pm.
All prices are in Singapore dollars and inclusive of 7% GST. Prices exclude park admission charges.

Beak Performance At Lunchtime

When you lunch with parrots, you can expect to be out-talked. You can also expect to have a great spread of food and a buffet of hearty laughs while our colourful personalities (and their trainers) demonstrate to you that birds are beauties with brains.

Feast on a sumptuous spread of Asian cuisine as you marvel at the natural talents of our feathered performers in a highly interactive 30-minute show.

Our Tweet Hearts!

  • “Chat” with our Amazon Parrot who shows off his human emotions by laughing and crying, singing a song, and mimicking everyday sounds.
  • Flip over the amazing stuns of Ippy, our acrobatic Scarlet Macaw who’s also very friendly with the environment.
  • Be awed by how Michael, the Green-winged Macaw solves a towering problem.
  • Own a piece of artwork by Pikasso the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, that is hand-painted before your eyes. For just  $10, you’ll also be supporting the Wildlife Conservation Fund, as you bring home a masterpiece you can really crow about.

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