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Kings of the Skies

Venue: Hawk Arena
Time: 10.00am & 4.00pm (Daily)


Witness the heat of the hunt at Jurong Bird Park’s Kings of the Skies show that will leave you in awe and amazement. Catch our dynamic raptors in action as they demonstrate what they are born to do. Stick your hand up if you dare and you just might be picked to try your hand at falconry during the show!

Witness the Heat of the Hunt

Like predators on the prowl, this mighty winged warriors will appear when you least expect them. Be captivated by the strength and agility of these amazing raptors including the White-tailed Sea Eagle, the Hooded Vulture and the Harris's Hawk. Meet the parade of our twilight friends, the Malay Fish Owl, the Eurasian Eagle Owl and the Spotted Wood Owl. See for yourself why the scurrying prey of an Owl never seem to get a chance to hear what’s coming before they are snatched by talons from above.

Stay alert when the fearsome and infamous Vultures enter the grounds. They’ll be thirsting for a kill. For the spectacular finale, keep your eagle eyes focused in the air for a sight that’s sure to earn your respect for the Kings of the Skies and their mighty trainers.