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High Flyers Show

Venue: Pools Amphitheatre
Time: 11.00am & 3.00pm (Daily)


Launched in celebration of our 30th anniversary of world-class bird shows, we present the all-new High Flyers Show, featuring an exhilarating line-up of our best-loved bird stars and new talents. It’s a high altitude, free-flying performance that will leave you marvelling at the amazing natural talents, beauty and intelligence of our feathered friends from around the world.

Cheer on as our parrots go beak-to-beak in a race against time to display their speed and agility and be awed by their dramatic fly-bys. Discover the behaviours of Gaia, our endangered Hyacinth Macaw plus Alfred and Vicky, our Great-pied Hornbills, in the wild. Share the limelight with our bird stars – raise your hand and you just might be picked to hold up a knotted rope filled with surprises for our adorable Sun Conures. You’ll also get to see and hear the mimicking ability of Amigo, our Yellow-Naped Amazon, the only bird in the world that sings in three languages.

Marvel at the natural talents of our star birds and experience a free-flying performance, featuring a grand finale of colours and excitement as one of the world’s largest number of birds take centre stage.

The fun continues after the grand finale - be sure to join our flock of beautiful flamingos for a close up photo in an unique all-new encounter right after the show.