Fun & Discovery Birdz of Play Bird Discovery Centre

Bird Discovery Centre

Lead your little ones to the Bird Discovery Centre and they’ll come out an avian expert. Here they get to see, touch and discover for themselves everything they’ve always wanted to know, or perhaps never even thought to ask, about birds.

See a replica of the 2.6-metre skeleton of what used to be the second largest bird in the world.  And don’t miss the tiniest, right next to it! How do feathers help a bird fly, and how are they exactly practical for birds?

Green Eggs and More

Stroll through 12 sections of the living classroom and discover an entire flock of amazing avian facts. See our egg-cellent egg collection from more than 250 bird species. You probably know that they come in different sizes. But have you ever seen a green or a blue egg? Here you can.

Interactive Educational Sessions For Groups

Open to one and all, the Bird Discovery Centre flies the extra mile to offer interactive and educational tours, camps and classroom sessions to school groups.

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