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Window on Paradise

Look through the "window" into the wonderful world of the exotic Birds of Paradise from a 40-metre long tree-top level walkway. This 2-level exhibit offers an unobstructed view into the lives of these sensitive birds, which can be found hiding in the tree tops or skulking in the undergrowth.

Courtship Pageant

While these birds look like divas with their dramatic plumes, elongated feathers and iridescent colours, they are really shy and secretive birds. Between them, however, these natives of Irian Jaya and Papua New Guinea are well known for their flamboyant courtship rituals, put on by the males of the species. With accentuated ornaments, the males all stand in a row and almost in unison, put on an elaborate dance and a phenomenal show for the females. Like a beauty pageant, the female then selects the male that most impresses her to be her mate. Such displays can last for hours, and if you're lucky, you may be privy to such a show!

Award-winning Flamboyance

As a result of its superb simulation of the birds' natural habitat and its conducive environment, Window on Paradise has seen the successful breeding for the
12-Wired Bird of Paradise. The first recorded case of captive breeding for these birds in the world, Jurong Bird Park was presented the First Breeders Award in 2001 by the American Pheasant & Waterfowl Society.