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Stop by the Wetlands Exhibit and spend some quiet time bird-watching from the viewing gallery designed to simulate an observation hide. First to catch your eyes will surely be the stunning scarlet ibis with bright red plumage. This South American feathered jewel maintains its plumage colour by eating algae and crustaceans. Look out for the attractive roseate spoonbill, named for its unique spoon-shaped bill. Watch it sweep its sensitive bill from side to side in the water to snag crustaceans, insects and small fish. Next, challenge yourself to spot as many other wetland bird species as you can – magpie geese, Mandarin ducks, night herons, wood ducks, hammerkop and more.

Apart from being home to a fascinating variety of birds, fish and other wildlife, wetlands are also important stopovers for migratory birds. They serve as `gas stations’ and `hotels’ for migratory species to top up `fuel’ and recharge before continuing their journeys. Wetlands are vital for providing clean water to urban areas! They improve water quality by trapping harmful pollutants in sediment and absorbing excess nutrients. Sadly, wetlands around the world are threatened by pollution, conversion for aquaculture and other developments.

The Wetlands Exhibit at Jurong Bird Park aims to showcase the diverse bird life as well as create awareness of the importance of wetland ecosystems and how we can take action to protect them.