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Royal Ramble

These pigeons are so large, that they have often been mistaken for chickens and turkeys! Aptly named for its residents' "noble" bearings and "rambling" style of walking, Royal Ramble houses 3 species of the world's largest, and most handsome, pigeons – the Common Crowned Pigeon, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon and the Scheepmaker's Crowned Pigeon in 3 separate aviaries.

The Coo-lest Courtship Dance

View the birds in its full glory – with their lacy crowns and elaborate plumage – as they ramble on the ground or roost in the treetops. Rather than coo like most pigeons do, the loud sound of a male Crowned Pigeon when it sings sounds more like a low 'boom boom'. And if the time is right, you could catch the Crowned Pigeons' famed courtship dance as the male bows his head, makes tail movements, and bobs up and down in front of the female.

An Authentic Environment

The Park prides itself in creating a superb simulation of the Crowned Pigeons' natural habitat to make the environment conducive for successful breeding. All vegetation within the exhibit are largely common flora to Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya, with woven baskets planted on trees and low branches to aid the birds in nesting. As a result, about half of its population in Royal Ramble was bred in Jurong Bird Park. In the wild, the species is endangered due to habitat loss and excessive hunting, for its meat, feathers and lacy crests. Their habit of landing openly on perches leave them susceptible to illegal shooting and poaching despite legal protection.