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Pelican Cove

Never judge a bird by its beak, especially if it's a pelican. Large, and heavy-looking with its elongated bill, the pelican by logic – ought to be a clumsy bird. But it is far from that. It is really a nimble fisher, strong flier and excellent swimmer thanks to its large, webbed feet that help with propulsion and steering.

World's first underwater viewing gallery

Jurong Bird Park proudly presents the world's most complete collection of pelicans with all 8 species at Pelican Cove, as well as the largest of the pelicans, the endangered Dalmatian Pelican weighing between 11kg and 15kg. Other species include the Great White, Gull and Australian Pelicans. See them in action as they make their dramatic underwater swoops for fish at the world's first underwater viewing gallery for Pelicans. Then stroll along the boardwalk for an upclose view of the birds.

Pelican Chitchat & Feeding

Watch the different fishing techniques utilised by these master fishers at one of our feeding sessions at the underwater viewing gallery at 2pm daily. You too, can get the chance to feed the pelicans after the demonstrations are over!