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Hornbills & Toucans

Just hang around outside their spacious and heavily forested aviaries, and you might start hearing a cacophony of hornbill honks – that's a sure sign that they've spotted you hanging around! In an area of over 2,000 square-metres, you will find the largest collection of Southeast Asian Hornbills in the world, as well as a wide variety of South American Toucans.

Playful Toucans

Famous for its oversized and colourful bill, the South American Toucan is often seen tossing fruits into the air. This iconic-looking bird is also popular commercial mascot for famous brands such as cereals and other products.

Award-winning Hornbill Conservation

The destruction of tropical rainforests has led to the decline in the hornbill population. With this, Jurong Bird Park has initiated a programme to breed these rare and endangered birds in captivity to ensure their continued survival. Each aviary offers a conducive environment for them to breed, while allowing them to display their natural behaviour. These monogamous birds are known for their deep faithfulness towards each other. While the female nests in a sealed crevice, the male goes in search for food. It is known that the loyal female will accept food from no one other than her partner, even at the brink of starvation!

Jurong Bird Park has experienced considerable success in breeding some of the species and has recorded the world's first successful hatching of the Black Hornbill, Southern Pied Hornbill and Great Indian Hornbill. The Park is currently involved in the Oriental Pied Hornbill Conservation Project in Singapore at Pulau Ubin island and the Park itself.

For this effort, the Park has won the Conservation Category award for the IV International Symposium on Breeding Birds in Captivity (ISBBC) Conservation & Research Award in September 2007 in Toronto, Canada.

Hornbill Chitchat

Meet the keepers and see the hornbill face-to-face at one of our feeding sessions, 11.45am daily (weather permitting).