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Flamingo Pool

The Flamingo Pool is home to our Chilean Flamingos and Caribbean Flamingos. Since 1972, a year after Jurong Bird Park's official opening, the Park has been successfully breeding flamingos in support of international wildlife conservancy efforts.

Chilean Flamingos

Often hunted for food and for traditional medicine, the Chilean Flamingo is classified as near threatened. Distinguished by their white bill with a black tip, its black and crimson feathers on the edge of its wing can only be seen when its wings are stretched. At feeding time, these exotic creatures can walk as fast as 40 to 60 steps per minute! It is interesting to note that, in the wild, the Chilean Flamingo is abundant at lakes without fish, and almost absent at lakes that are swimming with fish!

Caribbean Flamingos

The brightest coloured in the flamingo family, these flamingos are easy to spot with three colours on their bills – grey at the base, pink in the middle and black at the tip. If threatened or if predators are spotted, they produce a goose-like chorus of honks. These birds are also known to spend quite a fair amount of their time preening.

Take a closer look at the flamingos and you will notice their unique beaks that act like sieves to trap food such as algae, diatoms and aquatic invertebrates. Get your chance to participate in snack time for our leggy residents at one of our feeding sessions, 1.30pm on weekends and public holidays only.