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Flamingo Lake

Step into one of the most photographed places at the Park, especially for wedding photo shoots. Be charmed by the tranquility of Flamingo Lake, where hundreds of pink-hued Greater Flamingos and Lesser Flamingos live. Watch them from afar as they strut in style or wade through the water in search for food.

Great is Gorgeous

The largest members in the flamingo family, both males and females have bright pink plumage with splashes of red on their wings. Their brilliant colours are derived from their diet of crustaceans, and without this dietary supplement, their colours may actually fade.

Less is More

At the other end of the scale, these are the smallest in the flamingo family at a height of 80 to 90cm. Their necks are shorter and thicker, and their bills are long and dark. Because of their size, they hold the record for the longest leg relative to their length of their body.

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