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Breeding & Research Centre

Nurturing the future of birds

The Breeding & Research Centre (BRC) is where the incredible journey of life begins for some of the Park’s resident birds. Go behind the scenes and get a first hand glimpse into the growth process of these birds.

The moment eggs arrive at the BRC, up to the time chicks hatch and are weaned, they are hand-raised by the Centre’s officers. The BRC was incepted in 1988 but this is the first time in 24 years that it is open for walk-in public viewing. By showcasing what goes on behind the scenes at the BRC, we hope to inculcate a deeper appreciation of avian wildlife amongst our guests, and for them to have a better understanding of our conservation efforts.

Our avian keepers, or "bird nannies" as they are sometimes affectionately known, successfully hand rear at least 150 chicks and birds each year. This includes the successful breeding of critically endangered species like the Bali starling, the blue throated macaw and other very significant species such as the black palm cockatoo, hyacinth macaw, red-fronted macaw and the red-tailed black cockatoo.

Here are the highlights you can expect to see at the BRC:

Incubation Rooms

Eggs are kept snug and warm in our special incubators, equipped with automatic egg turners to keep the temperature and humidity of each egg constant. This aids in the incubation process. At maximum capacity, each incubation room can hold up to 180 eggs of various species.


Upon hatching, the chicks are taken to the Nursery to be fed and looked after. The hatchlings are housed in brooders, a temperature and humidity-controlled environment, to keep them safe and warm. This is also where you can see how these adorable juveniles are fed by their "bird nannies".

Weaning Room

From the brooders, chicks move on to the Weaning Room when they are fully grown to help them acclimatise to the environment and each other. Here, the birds are placed in cages until they are matured and ready to join the rest of their family in the respective exhibits.

Open Kitchen

The chicks and birds are kept on a strict diet, monitored and controlled by their keepers to maintain their optimum health. See what they eat, and how their food is prepared here.