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Waterfall Aviary

The Waterfall Aviary adventure is an immersive 13 stories high and 2 hectares wide experience right from the start , home to an enigmatic realm of over 600 free-flying birds.

A Rainforest Shangri-La

As you walk through the rainforest paths and along the mangrove swamps, look out for the birds as they chirp up in the trees and feed at their feeding posts. Among the species are the iridescent Starlings, the Turacos, Rollers, Common Hoopoe, Parrots, Yellow-billed Stork as well as the elusive Crested Guinea Fowls.

Don't miss a beautiful photograph opportunity along the wheelchair-friendly suspension bridge with a 30-metre high waterfall as the backdrop. The sound of cascading waters adds to the enchanting atmosphere as you soak in the verdant views below. It is worth the short hike up to the Hut to catch a picturesque view of the falls, and some of the birds that prefer to perch way at the highest branches.

Catch the Birds At Feeding Time

To maximise your opportunity of seeing many of these birds up close, don't miss our feeding sessions that happen here daily at 10.30am and 2.30pm.